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M2-PSA : Careers and Alumni

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Our students pursue their career both in the public or private sector, either after a successful PhD-thesis or directly after graduation. The career possibilities cover a large range of domains, both in fundamental and in applied research : Universities, CNRS, CEA, IRSN, EDF, ANDRA, AREVA, international research organisations, companies developing detectors or detector systems (BERTIN Technologies, CANBERRA) and/or simulation or big-data analysis programs (COMSOL) with numerous applications, as well as the other economic sectors like consulting.

  • (In French only, sorry) Consultez les enquêtes de l’ORESIPE sur le devenir des étudiants.

The M2-PSA has a long history dating back from the 20th century, in the last ten years about 150 students graduated. Our alumni formed a group on the Linkedin network, from which you will extract valuable contacts and information for your future career.